Enhance the communication during the meeting and the project follow ups.

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Performance, time consuming, tracking issue, costs, agility, are some challenges that come up all the time in our minds during our activities. Seeking for a advanced solution that improve the working routine, we create a innovative tool that so called "Design Review Report". At very first result in applying that solution is the expressive reduction of the time of the Design Review meetings and increase its effectiveness, once tracking smartly all issues reported.

That solution is responsible for creating so automatic, structured and quickly, Design Review reports, enabling the monitoring of the evolution of the project, tracking changes and issues, etc.
It includes images automatically from the 3D model, notes and coordinates. It includes attribute information of the project database, such as TAG, description, among others.

Some of business values experienced by our customers:

• Easy to use and intuitive;

• Significant reduction time of meetings, discussions and preparation of reports;

• Traceability and control of the Design Review items raised among the various meetings of Design Review;

• Improves collaboration among those involved in the project;

Its applicability goes beyond used during the design phase,exploring the use of the 3D model, it is possible to carry out systematic monitoring in the remaining stages, especially in the as-built stage where the markings and readlines are crucial in product reliability of delivered engineering.

Also has expressive importance in the usage in Maintenance and Inspection areas, which reports to the checkpoints, routes and observations where is key in the activity.


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